Scan Global Logistics expands further in Europe with a new office in Marseille, France – its fourth location in the country since 2021

Scan Global Logistics continues to expand its presence in Europe by opening a new office in Marseille, marking its fourth establishment in France since its initial opening in Lille in 2021. This new office provides direct access to France’s second-largest commercial port area, and trade routes to Asia, particularly China and the USA, will be of primary importance initially. However, the port’s direct connectivity to Africa and the Middle East presents significant business prospects in these regions.

The expansion aligns with the global freight forwarder’s rapid growth strategy, which includes a network of more than 160 offices across 50 countries worldwide and a presence in most of the world’s most robust economies, following the recent opening in South Korea.

Successful French market with further growth potential
Expanding SGL’s service offerings in South France introduces solid expertise to the company’s strong network. Furthermore, it enhances the commercial and operational closeness to the company’s customers in the Mediterranean region, especially within ocean shipments and airfreight from Marseille and Nice airports.

Managing Director in SGL France, Olivier Sainterent, explains: ‘We are eager to serve our customers best and utilise our local connections and market integrity. We provide a complete range of transport solutions that cater to all needs, simplifying operations for our customers while nurturing our global approach and perspective. With access to the Marseille port systems, we can also manage customs declarations and controls, ensuring a smoother process for our customers.’

Meeting the varied needs of the customers
Initially, the office is staffed with three experienced people specialising in freight forwarding, ocean procurement, and air operations. However, the ambition is to expand the team further.

‘Initially, we are concentrating on strengthening our market positioning in the region. It is imperative for us to establish a seamless collaboration with major industrial enterprises while retaining our agility and flexibility, says Olivier Sainterent, and is supported by Lars Syberg, Regional CEO in SGL:‘This is essential when we uncomplicate our customers’ world while ensuring that our tailor-made solutions are readily available when required. We must always be capable of meeting our customers’ diverse needs,’ finishes Lars Syberg, while highlighting SGL’s dedication to upholding a local physical presence near major ports and airports to remain closely connected to the customers.


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