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BSL: at the helm of innovation

Our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise are revolutionizing the material handling battery industry

Providing automotive-grade modular lithium battery systems that are transforming the material handling industry, BSL Battery – Industrial is at the forefront of innovation. With over 10 years of combined experience in manufacturing renewable energy and battery systems, BSL Battery – Industrial has revolutionized the market with significant investment, lean manufacturing capabilities, seamless supply chain integration, a team of design experts with 180 years of experience in the lithium battery industry, and a commitment to customer service. The purpose of this in-depth article is to examine how BSL Battery – Industrial’s lithium forklift batteries are different from other batteries on the market, and how the company ensures their durability and longevity.

Through continuous innovation in lithium-ion batteries, BSL Battery – Industrial has achieved rapid growth and numerous milestones since its founding in December 2012. A professional R&D team of more than 100 engineers led by PhDs with an average of more than 20 years’ experience in power electronics, battery management systems, and energy storage inverters is established by BSL Battery – Industrial, which spends over 6.2% of its revenue on R&D in the field of new energy innovation every year. Our R&D team focuses on developing new energy system solutions, including power electronics, battery state-of-charge algorithms, system hardware and software design, and battery module and battery pack development.

BSL Battery – Industrial focuses on innovation and quality and meets and exceeds international and North American performance, reliability, and safety standards. With more than 60 patents and awards, BSL Battery – Industrial has a comprehensive intellectual property protection system. BSL Battery – Industrial has always been proud of its strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities which have led to the company standing out, gaining wide recognition in the industry, and consolidating its position as a recognized leader in lithium-ion forklift batteries with a leading market share.

The R&D team will continue to adhere to the principles of innovation and quality first despite these achievements. Recently, BSL Battery – Industrial is pleased to announce that our B-LFP48-615MHB-LFP48-460MH, and B-LFP36-820MH lithium battery models have been certified by UL Solutions and tested to Revision 3, the latest and most stringent version of the UL safety standard! We are committed to excellence in product safety, design, and manufacturing. Together, we can make material handling safer and more efficient!

There are many advantages to lithium-ion batteries, including a strong discharge, a stable voltage curve, faster lifting and driving speeds, and a lower cost of ownership. Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries have a significantly longer service life, making them cost-effective and sustainable. An ideal choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable and efficient power solutions, it is fast charging, maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and operates at a wide range of temperatures.

Battery – Industrial pioneered the transition from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries and from fossil fuels to electricity. With its automotive grade lithium batteries, BMS, and other accessories, the company offers a wide range of solutions, including industrial lithium batteries for the material handling industry. As the first supplier in the industry, BSL Battery – Industrial offers industrial lithium batteries from 24V – 768V and 52Ah – 2000Ah for heavy forklifts, multidirectional forklifts, and GSE.

It uses LiFePO4 chemistry in its batteries to provide unmatched quality and reliability for electric forklifts, which outperforms other lithium-ion solutions in every aspect. With a design life of up to 10 years, 8 years or 12,000 hours warranty, fast charging capabilities, lightweight construction, longer charge retention time, easy installation and a range of battery options to suit different vehicle models, BSL Battery – Industrial’s LiFePO4 batteries are long-lasting and stable.

Aside from offering greater chemical and thermal stability, BSLBATT® LiFePO4 batteries also include multilayer protection against water infiltration, acid spills, corrosion, and contamination that could damage the battery and put the user at risk. By eliminating routine maintenance and reducing costs, the transition from lead-acid to lithium-ion batteries is seamless.

The BSL Battery – Industrial product line continues to improve. BSLBATT’s latest generation B-LFP48-460MH battery goes one step further with a continuous discharge current of 600A, a maximum discharge current of 1200A, and a peak discharge current of 1800A, allowing for faster acceleration and higher speeds. Hard-working Class I, II, and III forklift batteries that meet the gold standard.

As the company continues to refine its battery systems and explore new applications, it remains committed to expanding its global presence. BSLBATT has established a global network with manufacturing centers in China, subsidiaries in the United States, Netherlands, Turkey, South Korea, Mexico and South Africa, established successful partnerships with many well-known brands, and supplies forklifts from various brands to more than 200 dealers. More than 10 forklift manufacturers provide battery communication matching, including ToyotaHyster-YaleCombilift, RanieroClarkHELI, Xilin, Crown, Doosan, HYUNDAI, etc.

Its success on the market can be attributed to all these efforts. The global sales and service network system enables the company to ensure seamless supply chain, timely supply, worry-free aftersales service and responsive technical support for warehouse managers of material handling who are looking to upgrade their power solutions, so that the company maintains its position as a trusted and preferred supplier of lithium batteries for material handling applications.

BSL Battery – Industrial will continue to promote the energy revolution as a pioneer in the lithium-ion battery market to create a brighter and more sustainable future. BSL Battery-Industrial has gained good recognition in many markets, including China, ASEAN, Australia, South Asia, the Middle East, America, and Europe. To enhance its competitiveness in these regions, BSL Battery-Industrial is actively seeking local distributors and partners. Feel free to contact our representatives at inquiry@bsl-battery.com or 0752-2819-469! Visit lithiumforkliftbattery.com for more information about BSLBATT.

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